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    Reaons for no DMA transfer

       Hello ALL


      What are all the probable reasons where two DMAs which are simultaneously triggered stop transfer after sometime. I have checked for drq signal it is fine, TD configuration and channel configuration all seems fine........What can be the other reasons

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          This is a bit like guessing. Can you isolate the error and provide us with a project to have us a look at and check?


          Usually you have the chance to retrieve the current DMA-state of a channel indicating any errors. Did you already try that?





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             I think i got the solution.


            The DMA burst count was set to 0 ....and request per burst is1 ..


            Setting burst count zero will hog the entire bandwidth and all the other DMAs will be stalled and since I am transferring at more than 1MHz  the lower priority DMAs are not given the chance to transfer the data and this is what is leading to non working of DMA channel with low priority........


            Please say whether my thought is correct or not.....But I could see my DMA functioning now.....


            Sorry for disturbance