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    Flashing FX3's flash with more than a firmware-image




      I want to write an initial .bin-file which contains besides the firmware-image at the beginning more data following after the firmware-image to a flash-device connected via SPI to FX3.


      Using just the ControlCenter's option "Program" -> "FX3" -> "SPI-Flash" doesn't work (it hangs up)!


      Now I'm asking what's the reason for that and what do I have to modify to get it run... Obviousely the ControlCenter or the FXBoot-Programmer checks the downloaded data-file for something like the checksum or any other format-item?!


      The complete source-code of the ControlCenter is not available so I'm not able to see what it does exactly.


      But what about the boot-programmer which is loaded to FX3's RAM and can be used to access the SPI-Flash via USB vendor-commands? Where can I find the source-code of this boot-programmer? Is it the example-project "USBFlashProg"?


      Does anybody know what the ControlCenter and the Boot-programmer do exactly with the file-data while programming the SPI-flash?




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