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    Troubles with Serial Terminal with x64 Ubuntu 12.04?




      I'm having troubles getting my Ubuntu machine to recognize my BCM9WCD1EVAL1 board. My goal is simple I/O between my evaluation board and the command line of my laptop.


      Using my Ubuntu machine I can build and download applications via the WICED SDK make tool.


      But when it comes to opening up a serial terminal I can't seem to find the evaluation board.


      I just built the snip.stdio application (on my Ubuntu machine), and tested it out on my Windows machine via PuTTY. Works fine.


      But when I try to access it via minicom, e.g.

      minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB1


      I get an error stating that the file is not found. I've checked the contents of /dev before and after plugging in the evaluation board and I see no new entries whatsoever. However when I use lsusb before and after plugging in the device I see a new entry.


      This is a fresh install of Ubuntu. I feel like I was able to use minicom in the past on a previous Ubuntu install, but I'm not actually certain about that.


      I've tried this to no avail: Re: Need Linux driver support for WICED eval board


      Actually, strangely enough, I was able to download to the board via make without doing the configurations detailed in that thread.


      Any tips?


      This is all new to me. Apologies for my ignorance. Let me know how I can be of more help.