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    Question about CyU3PUsbRegisterEpEvtCallback with CYU3P_USBEP_NAK_EVT

              Dear all, I use NRDY event callback function on USB 3.0. registered as follows. CyU3PUsbRegisterEpEvtCallback( CB_func,CYU3P_USBEP_NAK_EVT, 0x0000, 0x0008 ); // used EP3 consumer But,this NAK_EVT callback function (CB_func) is invoked more times than NRDY Transaction packet fx3 received. (I counted NRDY TP times with USB protocol analyzer and CB_func invoked times with ICE.) Is/Are there other trigger except NRDY TP invoking NAK_EVT callback? # using latest FX3 SDK (v1.2).