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    Reading data from FPGA via cy7c68013a

      Hi all, I'm new to USB development and really hope I can find some help here.


      I'm working on developing a board which has already been fabricated and populated with the CY7C68013A-128AXC.


      I need to read out data from from FPGA RAM to a host application. (I've been using VC ++ 2010 to try to do this)


      Ports PB and PD are my 16 bit data lines from the FPGA to fx2.  Ideally I want flaga and flagb to go high to inisiate read and write oporations in the FPGA, but most important for me is passing the data from port PB and PD, and initiating a 48Mhz clk from IFCLK. I've tried AN61345 however the FIFOADR pins are not connected to anything on my board, so I assume the example will not work.


      Is is possible to write my software to configure the cy76c8 registers to properly handle the data transition and IFCLK when run? 


      Thus far, using CYAPI.lib I have not been able to recieve data from the FPGA. Any help is appreciated.