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    what is the advantage of DMA controller in PSOC ?


       DMA is used in direct memory access to  input -output peripherals.but i want to know that, where it can use in real life applications and what is its importance? if we do not use it what will happen.

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          You posted in PSOC 1 forum, PSOC 1 does not have DMA, just PSOC 3/5.


          DMA is a method, in today’s parts, using separate busses so that CPU intervention is
          not required to transfer data from one peripheral to another, or I/O ports, etc.. It is
          almost always faster than CPU directed transfers, so is capable of keeping up with
          communication rates like SPI, UART...... It effectively gives you many more MIPs
          in a machine, and depending on architecture runs concurrently with other CPU


          Regards, Dana.