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    Evaluation of cloud solutions supporting WICED integration?

      I'm curious as to whether anyone else has evaluated cloud solutions that can be used within the WICED SDK? A lot of solutions require their own hardware modules (Imp, Ayla ...) whereas some solutions provide code for existing WICED platforms to interface to their API, and even manage provisioning and OTA. A few I've been in contact with:


      • Ayla - Use modules with their own firmware and a UART or SPI API from a host MCU (an STM32F303 in their e.g.)
      • goHackMe (sensors.com) - Using WiConnect - "a front-end API to WICED" and AckMe hardware
      • Arrayent - They provided some e.g. code to run in the WICED SDK - see Quick Start Guide | Broadcom WICED DevKit
      • Axeda


      And then there's also the other end-point type services such as Berg Cloud, Xively, M2X, Carriots, TempoIQ etc.


      Has anyone else had further experience with any of these services, or others?