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    SDK version, incorrect descriptors, no USB3 on Win7

       Today experienced application engineers are out of reach, no matter if you deal with Cypress, ADI or Linear. Hope this community can help...


      I want to verify the USB3 hardware implemtation (signal integrity etc) on my first prototype board with FX3, to be able to order more prototype boards.


      So far I have not been able to "force any example code to run in USB3 only". If I boot example code as UVC or MassStorage it will only run in USB2, and Win7-host tells "This device can perform faster if you connect it to a super-speed USB 3.0 port". I have tried three different PCs with 64-bit Win7. When I compare example code from SDK 1.2 with SDK 1.1 I see differences in descriptor setup.


      I have a strong feeling that the issue is related to descriptor setup.


      Is the problem caused by Microsoft or Cypress? Have Cypress verified dev.kit+SW on real PC HW with Win7 or only on "professional USB certifying test systems"?


      Here and now I need a SYSTEM that works without developing device drivers for windows.