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    FX3 re-enumeration from altsetting



      I'm trying to simulate two devices in one firmware application but I've a problem with reenumerating device. I have separate descriptors for each device and I want to switch between them using set_interface and altsetting (and flag glIsHid).


      According to USB analyzer after reenabling CyU3PConnectState there is timeout while responding to SET_CONFIGURATION request, unfortunately the situation is the same if I'm not switching the flag and  just trying to reenumerate device without changing descriptors. As a base I'm using BulkLoopAutoEnum. Code:






              {  glUsbInterface = wValue;


      if(wValue == HID_SWITCH_INTERFACE)




      CyU3PReturnStatus_t apiRetStatus = CY_U3P_SUCCESS;


      glIsHid = CyTrue;


      apiRetStatus = CyU3PConnectState(CyFalse, CyTrue);


          if(apiRetStatus == CY_U3P_SUCCESS)


          CyU3PConnectState(CyTrue, CyTrue);






      With separate img each simulated device enumerates properly.


      Regards R.