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    Sense and Control Dashboard SCD 2.0.39 install prerequisite problem

              When trying to install SCD Ver 2.0.39, the install can't find the FTRF Drivers and asks to download and install PSoC Programmer 3.06.   
      This in spite of already having PSoc Programmer 3.10.1 Production installed.   
      The install path for 3.10.1 is C:\Program Files\Cypress\Programmer\3.10   
      I don't recall over-riding the default install path.   
      The install path for the FTRF drivers is C:\Program Files\Cypress\Programmer\3.10\drivers\ftrf   
      Sure don't want to back-level from 3.10.1 to 3.06 just to be able to install SCD 2.0.39