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    MiniProg3 'repair'.


       I'd like to share some info on how to 'fix' a broken MiniProg3.




      I have several broken MiniProg3 and after a little investigation, I noticed Vtarg was short-circuiting to GND. My first thought was that the protection diode TVS3 could be the culprit, but after removing it, the short circuit was still present. Next I suspected the switched power IC TPS65053, so to determine this I removed L2. And bingo, the switched power IC is short circuiting at it's output to GND.




      Because L2 was removed I had to power the target PSoC externally and all programming and debugging worked again.




      The downside of this repair is that you are no longer able to use any other programming voltage setting than "external". To fully fix this problem, one needs to replace the TPS65053 which will probably cost more than a MiniProg3.