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    Creating .bin file for WsUartFu.exe


      I'm trying to get the uart_firmware_upgrade example working.

      I am able to:

      1.) successfully flash board with uart_fimrware_upgrade hex

      2.) convert hello_sensor hex to a bin using ihex2bin.exe (c:\ihex2bin.exe hello_sensor.hex hello_sensor.bin)

      3.) run WsUartFu.exe (c:\WsUartFu.exe hello_sensor.bin COM1)

      4.) get c:\WsUartFu: upgrade status Success


      This would seem to indicate that the uart upgrade was successful. However, after this point my board (EMRF-20736S-BOB) no longer works and I need to reflash it with the uart_firmware_upgrade before it starts to respond again.


      Is there something I'm doing wrong when creating my bin file? Or do I need to add a flag when building a project for Uart upgrade?

      Any help is much appreciated!