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    flash memory

      I need to connect a flash memory (AM29F032) to upload/download the content of a USB pen drive (I use a CY8CKIT 030)


      Can someone help me to design it?


      Thank you

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          The AM29F032 is a fully parallel part, hence the interface is brute force, 22 pins


          needed for address, 8 for data, and pins for OE. WE, CE. The address data has


          to be split across 3 ports. A read is simple, present address, 22 bits, and set OE and


          CE low, and follow the buss operations table to do the read.




          If the sacrifice in pins is too high you could use a serial to parallel external SR part,


          or a supper low costs PSOC 1 programmed as a serial to parallel converter.




          Regards, Dana.

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            Thank you.