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    Adding project files to SVN






      I am trying to add my PSoC Creator 2.0 project to the SVN repository, but I'm not sure which files I should add.




      I have added the following:


      * All .c and .h files I have written my self


      * TopDesign.cysch and the folder it is in




      I assume (am I correct) that you're not meant to add:


      * The DP8051 folder


      * The Generated_Source folder


      * The codegentemp folder


      * SF_01_timing.html


      * SF_01.cyfit


      * SF_01.cycdx


      * SF_01.rpt




      But what about the other files:


      * SF_01.cyversion


      * SF_01_PSoC3lib.uvopt


      * SF_01.cydwr


      * SF_01.cyprj


      * SF_01_PSoC3lib.uvproj


      * SF_01.cyprj.Administrator




      Can anyone tell me? Is there any documentation on this?




      Many thanks


      Hugo Elias