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    BCM20732S questions


      A customer of mine is looking to develop a beacon based on the Beacon ref design.


      I have these questions, could you please help


      •     Can we setup
      UUID, Major and Minor values?


      •     Can we change
      the frequency (e.g. send signal every 1 second or every 500ms…)?


      •     Can we change
      the transmit power (to limit the range of the beacon)?


      •     Can it
      broadcast its battery level?




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          Hello Mark,


          Our upcoming SDK 2.1 will address these issues:


          1. Yes you can set up UUID, Major and Minor Values
          2. You can change frequency but if your customer wants to implement according to the Apple iBeacon Spec, they will need to comply with those requirements and obtain an iBeacon License from Apple - More on that when the SDK 2.1 is released.
          3. You can change the XMIT power, but the iBeacon and ALTBeacon (New for Android) specs mandate a RSSI number at 1 meter distance, etc and we will explain this in a later post when the new Beacon Apps are included in the new SDK 2.1.
          4. You can look at the SDK 2.0.1 for the mybeacon app to get started.
          5. Battery levels can be in the broadcast but this may violate the "standard" Beacon profiles.

          More later when we release the SDK 2.1 in a week or so.





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            Thanks for your reply J.T. , perfect.