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    Yellow LED in MiniProg3

       Hello, i succesfuly programmed PSoC5 using MiniProg3 untill now.


      The MiniProg3 is detected by PSoC Programmer.


      When i connect MiniProg to a custom made board it detects the power supply as ~2300mV but the board is supplied at 5V, and miniprog gets warmer as usualy. When i remove the miniprog from the board, the yellow LED (from inside miniprog, the one with no label) lights up and it stays lit (i read in the user guide, that there might be a configuration error). I tried to reconnect the miniprog3 but same thing happened.


      This custom made PCB board with PSoC5 was programed succesfully yestarday and i can't figure out what is wrong :(. I checked all the programing pins so there is no shortcircuit between them, and the VTARG and GND pins seems ok. (i used the 5 pin connector).


      Same thing happens when i try to program the PSoC5 module on the CY8CKIT-001 development board.


      Hope i didn't broke the miniprog.