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    Looking to evaluate FX3 + FPGA?

      If you are looking to evaluate FX3 with an FPGA, check out the following options:


      Enclustra FX3 board -      www.enclustra.com/en/products/fpga-manager-en/fpga-manager-fx3    


      Arrow BeUSB 3.0 Arrow BeMicro SDK - components.arrow.com/part/detail/NEG53738961S9925052N1911 components.arrow.com/part/detail/49663377S8707666N1911


      Avnet Kintex 7 - www.em.avnet.com/en-us/design/drc/Pages/Mini-Module-Plus-Development-Kit-Supporting-the-Kintex-7-FPGA-Family.aspx