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    Code navigation and debugging

      Programming PSoC's is great, but the editor/debugger in Creator 2.0 is limited. I noticed the export to uVision which makes life probably easier, but are there updates to be expected of Creator 2.0 concerning the editor/debugger? An Eclipse plugin would be fantastic.



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          Hi Martin,


          as you already mentioned, the export to Keil was definitely targeted to improve  code navigation and debugging. We will include additional external tools (non-CY) in future releases of Creator and there will also be an Exclipse option coming up. Schedule for these improvements is end of 2012 with Creator 2.2


          hth, Robert

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            Any news about what to expect from 2.2 concerning target debugging and external tools?


            I'm bound to use C++ with virtual functions, which does not work with the GCC compiler included in the PSoC Creator, and I'm  trying to get by using eclipse + gnuarmeclipse + Code Sourcery Lite / Yagarto. Debugging is however still an issue.