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    Power estimation



      Is it possible in PSOC  to estimate the power drawn by the processor while executing code? . If yes please give me instructions how to perform.




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          The easiest most straight forward method is to simply place a milliameter in
          series with Vdd lead and measure Idd, another meter to measure Vdd at chip
          Vdd pin. Then P = Vdd x Idd.


          Another method is use PSOC to measure Vdd/2 and use a high side current sense
          to measure Idd.


          Regards, Dana.

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            I was not paying attention you want to do this while executing code.




            PSOC can measure its own Vdd via use of internal reference and


            a PGA with gain set to .5. Noite bias cannot be set to high in order


            to get common mode in range to Vdd for PGA.




            To measure Idd you need a high side sense, an external discrete solution


            or a chip, like http://www.maximintegrated.com/app-notes/index.mvp/id/746


            Other methods measure T rise in a sense resistor in Vdd lead, light level


            of a calibrated emitter in series with Vdd lead.




            Regards, Dana.