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    SDK V1.2.1 compile issue



      Just updated from V1.2 to V1.2.1 and compiled my project that had no issue on V1.2, after compiling it with V1.2.1, a lot of appeared, most are the simiar problems -


      undefined reference to CyU3PGpioInit


      undefined reference to CyU3PI2CInit


      undefined reference to CyU3PSPIInit


      When I selected the undefined reference function and click on "Open Declearation", I found the Declearation went to wrong position, how to fix this problem?


      Even I uninstall V1.2.1 and re-install V1.2, the undefined reference problem still there, so frustrated !!

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          With the latest SDK, Cypress has moved some functionality to a new library (cyu3lpp.a).  Did you include this new library in your build?

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            Yes. Try the following steps:


            1.) Open Project in Eclipse


            2.) Right click on the project in the Project Explorer and choose Properties


            3.) Choose 'Settings' under 'C/C++ Build' in the Properties box (left panel)


            4.) Under the 'Tool Settings' tab go to 'ARM Sourcery Windows GCC C Linker' -> 'Miscellaneous'


            5.) Find 'Other flags' field (bottom right) anb add the following text with quotation marks along with other paths:  "${FX3_INSTALL_PATH}\firmware\u3p_firmware\lib\fx3_debug\cyu3lpp.a"


            6.) Click Apply then click OK




            sai krishna.

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              Thanks sai, my problem fixed by copying Miscellaneous setting in V1.2.1 sample to my project.