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    Debugging the CYRF69103

      Currently I am working on a project using the CYRF69103 and need to make some changes to the pin assignments, and make changes to the generated C code.  At this point I have adjusted the code and want to debug, but need to determine what is the optimal method of debugging for this type of chip.


      There is the option of using the CY3215-DK In-Circuit Emulation Development Kit, but my chip type is not listed on this Cypress link;

          I have viewed and read the PsoC 1 Debug Selector Kit Guide and did not seen the CYRF69103 listed there either. The term debugging only shows up 1 time in a search of the .pdf file for the CYRF69103 PRoc LP, and there was no detailed information in that instance. The     PSoC designer module 3:debugging with psoc 1   is not indexed by topic, but am currently looking there for more information.   
          Are there some debug features are built in to this specific chip that I can use with the IDE?   
          In this situation how does one debug code using the CYRF69103?   
          Thanks in Advance!   
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          I would suggest you to file a technical case to Cypress for this problem you've got.


          You'll need an ICE-Cube and a POD to connect to your system. Ask Cypress directly which POD, theY'll give you advise.


          To file a tech-case: Support -> Technical Support -> Create a Case.





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             Thanks, will do as you suggest.

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               Cypress still has not answered my question, so I will try to be more specific about my project.

                  I am using the CY4672 PRoC LP Reference Design Kit which includes the CYRF69103 chip. The ADNS3040 is being replaced by the ADNS3000, and I have made what I hope are the necessary changes in the C code to reflect this change. At this point I the board has been reworked and I need to debug.  As I mentioned before there is little specific information about whether or not I can debug using the Mini-Prog, or if I need some additional hardware/software.  Google searches and the Cypress training materials I have viewed so far have not touched on this exact topic, and I have not had any answer from my Cypress support case(been 3 days).   
                  So I anybody can direct me to something which may help, or has experience with such things, please let me know.   
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                Do not be hasty! You created your case on thursday the 18th and during the weekend there will no cases be answered