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    emWin Graphics library drivers?

      I downloaded your PSOC 5 object library for Segger's emWin Graphics library.  However, the only driver I see is the GUIDRV_CompactColor_16.c.  I am using the Sitronix ST7529 LCD controller.  Does Cypress happen to have this LCD driver?  If not, do I need to go to Segger direct?





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          I've been poking around with this myself (http://www.cypress.com/?app=forum&id=2492&rID=58742).


          From what I understand, and some one please correct me, is there are two drivers provided by Cypress. One runs on the controller-less graphics peripheral, and the other is the GUIDRV_CompactColor_16 driver. Both are configured to run in a parallel bus setup.


          According to Segger documentation, the GUIDRV_CompactColor_16 runs the following display controllers:




          Himax HX8301, HX8312A, HX8347


          Hitachi HD66766, HD66772, HD66789


          Ilitek ILI9161, ILI9220, ILI9320, ILI9325


          LG Electronics LGDP4531


          MagnaChip D54E4PA7551


          Novatek NT39122, NT7573


          OriseTech SPFD5408, SPFD5420A


          Renesas R63401, R61509, R61516, R61505


          Samsung S6D0110A, S6D0117, S6D0129


          Sharp LR38825, LCY-A06003


          Sitronix ST7712, ST7628, ST7637


          Solomon SSD1289


          Toshiba JBT6K71


          Epson S1D13743






          I understand that from Segger you can acquire other drivers. Maybe get a copy of GUIDRV_Template from them and you/we can customize? They most likely have already written exactly what you need though.

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             Oh, since you have a sitronix with similar product number, maybe the compact color driver can be altered with some defines -- I noticed somewhere in the code there were defines that indicated register locations and commands. Of course I forget the exact spot