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    The "Managers" are killing me


      The Cypress Download Manager does not run the setup.exe file once I download it (for creator2.1 service pack4).


      The Cypress Update Manager just uninstalled creator2.1 SP4 following an update of same when I installed examples from a -030 kit CD....  I clicked Configure!!! next to creator2.1 SP4


      Calming down now.


      Is there a document that explains these two managers? Honestly, I have had trouble with them for a year or more.


      Tim Miner

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          Do you have a security setting that inhibits download manager from running an .exe file ?




          Regards, Dana.,

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            No security setting that I put in place. Norton/Symantic ... maybe .... I do seem to have to give permission any time "something" wants to change my computer. I just hit "allow" or otherwise give permission when doing Cypress stuff.


            More questions Dana, sorry:


            In the Cypress Update Manager, what is "Configure" for?


            And: Why can't the Cypress Download Manager be part of my Cypress Suite of apps?






            My questions might seem more normal if you realize I am older shcool analog than many using PSoC.

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              First let me apologize for the confusion.  It is never our intention to confuse a user and when we do so it is a failing on our part.


              There are 3 things at play here:


              The download manager - a java tool to download from the closest mirror to you.  This does not participate in installation, it just helps you get the Setup.exe.


              The CyInstaller - This is basically a package management system.  It allows some control over what is installed.  It also allows you to go back to previous versions of a product as a newer version may not work exactly as expected.  (For example, a bug might be fixed that a customer is relying on.)


              The CyLiveUpdate - This calls out to all the CyInstallers on your machine to go and check for updates.  It has a way to change the check from daily to weekly, monthly, or off.


              Second point, there is no SP4 of PSoC Creator.  I suspect you meant Component Pack 4.  I'm a little fuzzy on the details here, so let me repeat back what I'm understanding from your post:

              1. You downloaded the update for PSoC Creator 2.1 CP4 and it didn't run.
              3. You ran the install for CP4.
              5. You installed the 030 examples.  One of the check boxes that was checked says launch update manager to check for updates.  The CyLiveUpdate launched when you hit finish.
              7. Seeing the list it said PSoC Creator 2.1 CP4
              9. You clicked the configure button, which brought up a dialog with options.  By default remove was selected so when you hit next (thinking this would update your install) it removed the tool.

              The reason CyLiveUpdate launches is to check for new items, just in case the DVD is out of date.  New items will always have an update button next to them.  The configure button is meant to let you remove, repair or customize a product that is already installed.


              Does this match what you're trying to say?



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                Wow, Scott. Very gracious AND very helpful. Your read on my misadventure seems right on. My clicking through got me in trouble and I was in too big a hurry to see my mistake. Now that it is clear (to me) that 'configure' is not a required step, I will probably have a lot less trouble.


                Thanks very much.


                Tim Miner

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                  I'm glad I was able to help you.  Now let me ask what, in your opinion, should be done to help someone else like yourself? (Assuming they can't find this post).  Would an extra warning on remove be helpful?  Is there a better way to present things so someone isn't confused?



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                    Having a similar problem since my Update Manager tried to install Programmer 3.16.


                    The (/&"§ng Update mgr pops up every now & then, and even when I let it install (which runs without an error) nothing changes.




                    As you may see in the attached screenshots I'm got stuck. Any Ideas about?





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                      Your issue is siginificantly different from the one in the original post.  You have a couple of options.  Your first option is to uninstall PSoC Programmer and install it again from www.cypress.com/go/psocprogrammer.  The second option is to file a case with support as this requires a more detailed look at your setup.