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      I am using 32 bit slave fifo interface. I send from FPGA to FX3 64 Words (total 256 bytes) with a zero lenght package at the end.


      With C# I read using XferData with len = 1024. The function returns with len set to 256 which I expect.


      However if I read with C++ XferData with len = 1024, I get the error 997.


      Why is it different between C# and C++?



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          There is no difference, can you please confirm if you are updating the timeout value of endpoint in CyAPi.lib.




          sai krishna.

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            I played also with Timeout but it returns always 997. I also tried 256 byte as transfer size, still doesn't work.


            But all of these are working with C#. However, our application must be developed in C++.

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              I am doing a similar project. I've run my hardware with versions of the streamer application that I've built with both C# and C++. Both work the same. Whenever I see the error code 997 it's because my FPGA state machine and the FX3 are out of synchronization with each other as to when a data xfer has completed. In my design I only send a fixed number of bytes between the FX3 and any of the endpoints in the FPGA.

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                In my C++ program I had an extra Reset() call. This was the problem.


                They are behaving same now.