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    Can't get started with CY7C67300 EZHOST

       I'm getting NOWHERE very FAST!  My biggest problem is that there seems to be nothing out there consistent with AN15484 "USB Flash Drive Controller Using SPI", including this app note itself any more!  On a MyCases ticket I was assured I wouldn't get hung up, but here I am, hung up.


      While I have many details, I'll sum up here:  


      (A) The cyusbgen.sys driver for the CY7C67300 via port 2A seems NOT compatible with Windows 7.


      (B) AN15484 says to modify code or just use MSC_EEPROM_scan_LCP_v2.bin that comes with the app note.  Well, I can't find that bin directly, I can't find the app note that I downloaded on 8/3/12 (today is 10/25/12), I've installed CY4640 and the code is close, but makes a co-processor-boot bin, not an eeprom-boot bin, CY3663 won't install on Windows 7 but when installed on Vista Basic, it doesn't have the source code or bin either, contrary to what AN15484 says.


      Please help!  I'm sinking...




      Here's some detail from a MyCases ticket.  I'm so anxious I can't simply wait for a response on the ticket.  My deadline is too short.  Please bear with me for posting this again here...




      :-( I got my custom board with CY7C67300 only a couple of hours ago and I'm already stuck. I know your not responsible for my short deadline, but I need to be FINISHED with this by Wednesday, only 6 calendar days from now. Please help me get past the following roadblocks. I'm also trying to think ahead a little, so next time I get stuck, while working on this over the weekend, I may already have the answer from you! Thanks very much.

      1) Note I have a copy of AN15484 "USB Flash Drive Controller Using SPI" that I downloaded in the past, but now I can't find it on your website anymore. Google has a reference to a page at cypress.com, but when I visit it, the page isn't found. I was hoping to find MSC_EEPROM_scan_LCP_V2.bin on that page, per what it says on page 2 (top right column) of the app note.

      2) I can't find MSC_EEPROM_scan_LCP_v2.bin. I thought using it would save me from having to change and recompile the source, which is likely to have its own roadblocks. Can you provide me the file or a link to it? I believe it's exactly what I need, because the subject of AN15484 is exactly what I want to do.

      3) I have connected the CY7C67300 port 2A to my PC via USB cable and it enumerates as CYPRESS EZ-OTG. However, the driver isn't found. I've installed CY3663 and find cy_dev.inf (10/28/2004) and cyusbgen.sys (11/26/2002) at c:\Cypress\USB\OTG-Host\Drivers. From the device manager I try to update the driver and point to this folder, but I get an error, "Windows could not find driver software for your device". Note I'm running Windows 7 SP1.

      4) I have run bash then QTUI2C with no parameters, to successfully get the program help output. Will QTUI2C with proper parameters be able to access the CY7C67300 as is without proper driver? Or do I need that driver setup correctly first? I assume I need the driver, plus please let me know if I'm mistaken.

      I'm going to go ahead and post this case. Rather than simply waiting for a reply, of course, I'm going to start trying stuff. Please check for followup posts on this case, where I may have yet additional questions.



      Please note that QTUI2C and the .inf/.sys files I found came from installing CY4640, not CY3663. I have not CY3663 install, perhaps because I can't get a CD.





           5) I find conflicts in the doc. AN15484 says to modify app.c in the MSC_API subdirectory. So I tried simply compiling it first. I find c:\Cypress\USB\OTG-Host\Source\stand-alone\sbc\msc_api and indeed the source seems to match the app note prior to modification. However, when I "make clean wrap" from that folder, or "make msc" from the folder above it, this makes coproc_api_scan.bin. AN15484 implies it should be MSC_EEPROM_scan_LCP_v2.bin. AN15484 says this bin is for when booting off the EEPROM. CY4640 1_1 GettingStarted.pdf however correctly says the file is coproc_api_scan.bin and it's for booting WITHOUT an EEPROM. I need the source that does what AN15484 expects, which is a *scan.bin for booting from EEPROM. My custom board only has EEPROM for this purpose. (Or please find me MSC_EEPROM_scan_LCP_v2.bin.)   


           6) Found CD image from CY3663 at http://www.cypress.com/?rID=14436 . Downloaded. Run setup. InstallShield Wizard acts funny and hangs. Note Windows 7 SP1. I've run InstallShield Wizard hundreds of times and never seen this. I've written my own InstallShield installs and never seen this. When I click "Next" after choosing default destination, the 5 pixel or so border of the dialog window disappears and the install doesn't move forward (hangs). So is this so old it doesn't work on Windows 7 (but should give a nice message), or is it corrupted? I don't know.   


           3,6) UPDATE: That CD for CY3663 successfully installed on my laptop running Vista Basic. So it must be that it simply won't install on Windows 7. Then, I plugged my board in and the EZHOST enumerated properly and got a good driver installed. I compared time stamps and it was the same as coming from CY4640 over on my Windows 7 machine. Nevertheless, I copied the driver from my laptop to my Windows 7 machine. No, still didn't work. So it seems NEITHER the CY3663 install NOR the cyusbgen.sys driver work on Windows 7. If forced to do so, I can work on my old laptop for part of this work. If you have a solution to this problem, please let me know.    
           7) HOWEVER, on the laptop with CY3663 installed, there is no msc_api folder under source, so I can't find the source to use in that install per AN15484. More importantly, MSC_EEPROM_scan_LCP_V2.bin isn't there either.    
           ...fast getting nowhere... :-(