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    pSoC3 USB HID and CDC Composite Device How to? IAD, .inf editing inforamtion was necessary.



      I should make composite usb device with USB HID and CDC.


      I can make  USB HID and CDC seperately. However, It's not easy to make composite device HID with CDC.


      Application notes (AN58726; http://www.cypress.com/?rID=40103  pgae6,7 and Appendix 5) was somewhat helpful  but I cant't understand what should I do.


      especially I don't know ;


      1. What is Interface Association Descriptor(IAD) and How I can write this, what is the rule.


      2. and  this application notes page7 says "There is also .inf file editing that is required to link the multiple interfaces to the CDC function. However, that will be covered in another application note or example project."  I need information to edit .inf file.


      help me please~