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    How to convert AD from sensor output = 5mV and calip it at 21 percent?


      Hi everybody,


      I am a newbie of PSoC designer. Now I am taking a project that is converitng from Oxycell Sensor in orfer to display percentage on the display. The sensor output  is 5mV and I don't know how to calip it at 21 percent? So I would like to use CY-PSOCEval1 PSoC 1 EVALUATION KIT. I had this kit already . I am now learning urgently how to prgram with this chip.


      I think it will take a lot of time to reach the result unless receiving the support all of you. Could you please give me the sample or instruction that you have done with the same project. I need the sample of Assembly code.


      - The first question is that can I connect directly sensor to the PSoC Kit? Or I have to make an amplifier circuit between them?


      - When sensor is operrating in normal atmosphere (21% standard), we need calip the display at 21 % when connect sensor to kit. Because the output voltage from sensor will be reduce gradually. For example, Noe its output is 5mV, but after 5 days of using, its voltage will be 4 mV. But the display must show 21% at any time when it running in normal atmosphere.


      I look forward to your reply soon. Thank you in advance.


      Please see picture of the kit and Oxygen Sensor below: