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    EEPROM recommendation



      I'm looking for a recommendation regarding an I2C EEPROM for use with the FX3 DVK. More precisely, I want to use at least 1024k.




      On p. 149 of the Programmers Manual, a number of listed EEPROMs suggest those brands have been tested, though only to sizes up to 128k.. Apart from that, http://www.cypress.com/?app=forum&id=167&rID=67197 has some selected information.




      From there I gather that the Microchip 24FC1025 is a good option.




      Are there other makes/models that have been successfully tested and can be recommended by anybody? It would be ideal if the .img file header wouldn't need to be modified to use the device.




      Thanks in advance,



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          You may be interested with the following thread as well:




          Actually changing the header can be easily done for the EEPROM that you are going to use. As you know, we are giving the default support for Microchip EEPROMs. Let say, if you select any EEPROM from Atmel then we need to modify the command only once. And the place for changing the header can be found in the attached diagram




          sai krishna.

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            as the Microchip 24FC1025 seems to be a well tested device, I decided to go for this one.




            Is it correct to assume that I should be able to program this EEPROM with the FX3 alone, i.e. by using the Control Center (and without an external EEPROM programmer)?




            There are a number of threads regarding EEPROM writing, but I couldn't find a clear and definite answer on that regarding the 24FC1025 - and my tests don't suggest it either.




            I'm running the latest 1.2.1 package, the DVK however is from late 2011 / early 2012 (received it in February 2012).




            Is it already necessary to set the PMODE pins when programming the device?




            I try to transfer my firmware (113 k) by using "Program->FX3->I2C E2PROM" in Control Center when running the bootloader and the EEPROM inserted on the DVK:




            Resetting the DVK


            Control Center shows that the device runs the "Cypress USB BootLoader" firmware


            I'm selecting Program->FX3->I2C E2PROM


            Downloading Cypress Boot Programmer


            Waiting for Cypress Boot Programmer to enumerate


            Cypress Boot Programmer Device found


            Programming of I2C E2PROM In Progress


            ... 5 seconds ...


            Programming of I2C E2PROM Failed




            Am I doing anything utterly wrong here?




            Thanks in advance,



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              Yes. We need to set the PMODE pins for "I2C boot, USB fall back mode".


              You may need to check the jumpers "J42" and "J45" whether they connected between 1 and 2. If  not, please do that.




              sai krishna.

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                I assume that with "Yes" you mean it should be possible to burn the 1024k EEPROM by using the Control Center, right?




                The jumpers on J45/J42 have been set (both possibilites, to be sure). I also set the PMODE jumper (I assume 1 means pin 1 and 2 connected, but I also tried it the other way round).




                Yet I still see the "Fail" message. I have got two similar EEPROMs which both lead to the same result.




                Is there anything else that can go wrong?

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                  Could you please shortly explain the switches SW25 and SW40 (or point me to appropriate documentation). I assume my problem has to do with these settings.




                  How are the switches to be configured for a Microchip 24XX1025 EEPROM?




                  Thanks in advance,



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                    SW40: ON, ON, OFF, OFF


                    SW25: All OFF


                    J96: Open


                    J97: jumper between 2 and 3


                    J98: Open




                    sai krishna.

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                      thank you for this information. I set SW40 to (3,4,7,8 aka ON, ON, OFF, OFF), which was all OFF before. But still, things did not change.  It just doesn't boot off the EEPROM.




                      Is it possible that this doesn't work with certain releases of the silicon? My DVK is PCB: 600-60015-01 REV03




                      Thanks in advance,



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                        Hi Markus,


                        Do one thing.


                        Send me the snapshot of your DVK. I will check and update you if there is something going wrong.




                        sai krishna.

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                          I might not be able to explore this further for the moment, since today a solder joint on my DVKs USB jack mount cracked unnoticed, which caused some damaged wires when unplugging the cable.




                          I'm afraid I will have to order a new DVK in the worst case; I'll update my information as soon as I got a working DVK again.