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    target device not getting powered

       I'm using a cy8ckit-001 development kit. The device being used is cy8c3866axi-040. I selected the correct device in the device selector window and connected the miniprog3. In the select debug target window, I can see miniprog but i cant see the psoc3 device. I have connected the development kit to the power supply. I thought my jumper settings may not be correct. Can anyone tell me how to make the right VDD, VDDIO, VDDD and VDDA settings? I think the device is not being powered coz that's what Psoc Programmer says. In the miniprog, the status LED gets turned on, but the target power LED is turned off. The miniprog settings I've made are


      protocol: SWD


      power: 3.3V


      acquire mode: reset


      freq: 3.2 MHz


      connector: 10 pin


      What should I do?


      Please help.