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    Destroyed Chip on CY8KIT - 014 PSoC 5 Starter Kit

      Hey everybody


      I have been so unfortunate to short circuit an input/output on my CY8CKIT - 014 PSoC 5 first touch starter kit the incident made the migic smoke disappear from the chip type: CY8C5568AXI-060ES1 on the kit. As far as I am aware this chip type is an engeneering sample and I have not able to retrieve it anywhere.


      And now the big one is it possible to replace the CY8C5568AXI-060ES1 chip with the CY8C5568AXI-060 chip and get a usuful result or in other words does the firmware on the USB - chip match the one on the production chip?


      If anyone can come up with another solution of any type please let me know. The biggest problem of all is that the kit is not made anymore so it is not a solution to buy a new except any of you guys in here knows a place?


      Best regards