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    RTC with PSOC3




            I would like to use RTC component of PSOC3 to implement the time and date.... i am using CY8CKIT-030,in which a 32.768KHZ ECO already exists..............now i am using USB connector to power on my kit....but, after completion of my design i am planning to use 9V/12V power adaptor to give power supply to my kit.....


       From a few  documents i red that there are four different power modes are available (ACTIVE, ALTERNATE ACTIVE, SLEEP and HIBERNATE) but, all the four power modes requires a continuous power supply and depending on the mode the amount of power consumption may vary......


      If i give powersupply  from AC 220V, mains supply (with the help of 9V/12V DC adaptor)....i could give it whenever i am in need to utilize the device......i could'nt give the power continuously (many of the interrupts may expect from Indian electricity board)........then how my RTC clock internally run, and how it will give the correct time when i turned it On after some time.....


      do i need to use additional battery back up for RTC?


      previously, when i was working with PSOC1, i did the same..... i interfaced DS1307, to which i have given 3.3v  backup power from LI cell......and i have drawn 5V DC supply from 220 AC (with the help of regulators) and utilized these 5V supply to run the entire designed system..




      can any one help me how to run  RTC continuously, even after the system turned off.