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    How to detect Wi-Fi AP’s security type?



      In order to simply Wi-Fi configuration setup procedure on our device Wi-Fi client side, we would like to detect a AP’s Wi-Fi security type automatically when establishing Wi-Fi connection.


      Is there anyway on this matter?


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          WiConnect will automatically do this for you, have you looked at that?








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            Hello Nick


            My consideration is that how to detect Wi-Fi access security type automatically  as Wi-Fi client side just know a Wi-Fi AP’s SSID and passkey code not for Wi-Fi access security type such as WEP/WPA/WPA2 and so on.


            Would please help me on that how to detect the Wi-Fi access security type on Wi-Fi client side? For example, our laptop can be easly able to connect an external Wi-Fi AP just using by Wi-Fi passkey code without using entering the Wi-Fi access security type.


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              Hi Daniel,


              Are you simply trying to make it so that the user doesn't need to provide the WiFi AP's security type?  If so, I believe the Config_Mode snip does this.  It initiates a scan of all available WiFi APs, and part of the information returned in that scan includes the security type, so that might be a place to start looking.

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                Scan results show the Ch, RSSI, Rate, security type, mode, and SSID.  Can you parse the information from this?


                13:42:04.042:   # Type  BSSID             RSSI  Rate Chan Security    SSID

                13:42:04.042: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

                13:42:04.042:   0 Infra 8C:04:FF:AD:32:89  -82 216.7   1  WPA2 Mixed  HOME-3289

                13:42:04.170:   1 Infra E0:46:9A:37:32:57  -82  65.0   1  WPA2 AES    5DB8YATF

                13:42:04.170:   2 Infra 94:C1:50:BA:0D:1A  -84 130.0   1  WPA2 Mixed  tigercub

                13:42:04.186:   3 Infra 54:E4:3A:ED:85:4E  -88 144.4   1  WPA2 Mixed  Space Airport

                13:42:04.202:   4 Infra 90:72:40:11:F9:A4  -68 216.7   6  WPA2 AES    Gangi

                13:42:04.513:   5 Infra 10:9A:DD:81:7C:29  -84 216.7   6  WPA2 AES    Gangi

                13:42:04.746:   6 Infra 00:23:69:3B:82:3E  -84 144.4   6  WPA2 Mixed  Yogi

                13:42:04.746:   7 Infra 88:F7:C7:CF:DD:B3  -81 216.7   6  WPA2 Mixed

                13:42:04.793:   8 Infra CC:35:40:91:63:BF  -73 216.7  11  WPA2 Mixed  Panda

                13:42:05.113:   9 Infra C4:3D:C7:AA:CA:E4  -80  65.0  11  WPA2 AES    DG3IVWRU

                13:42:05.177: Push2Scan complete in 1375 milliseconds


                13:42:05.433: Press the SW1 on eval board to STOP scanning.


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                  i am confused by you confusion...

                  when you do a scan, the software will report back the security type if you want to know it. you however don't need to do anything with that info either, the system will work with the router to ensure the correct pass key is given.