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    Building a SWD programmer with an enCoRe III or V

       I'm currently designing a low cost development board around the PSoC III series. I'd like to include an embedded programmer and debugger, such as that on the First Touch development board.


      The First Touch board has an EZ-USB FX2LP (the CY7C68013A-56LTXC) onboard, but this chip seems significantly overspecced for the task - and it's expensive: more expensive than much of the PSoC III processors!


      What I'd like to do is implement a USB to SWD interface on a much cheaper microcontroller. I'd also like it to include another endpoint for a UART for user communication with the main PSoC processor.


      Would this be practical on an enCoRe III or enCoRe V USB MCU, such as the CY7C64343-32LQXC or the CY7C64215-28PVXC?


      Also, is the source for the programmer used on the First Touch board available anywhere?