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    Ring buffer problem in UART



      I am using SN8200 Murata module and WICED-SDK-2.4.0.


      I am using UART to send and receive data from a device. I have disabled DMA by using PLATFORM_DISABLE_UART_DMA macro. The data is received through a ring buffer.


      I have attached part of the log.


      I have the following problems/queries.


      1. The received data from the device (UART Rx Data) gets shifted after sometime. The received data is highlighted.


      2. I am sending 8 bytes of data to the device (UART Tx Data Size & UART Tx Data). But if we see the Number of times the UART Tx Interrupt has occurred, it is 18 (12 in hex). Why is this happening ?


      Please help me in this regard.


      Thanks in Advance.