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    SuiteUSB and non-cypress GUID



      If I have the following inside my INF










      Then suiteUSB can see my device no problem. 


      But my understanding was that I could change that GUID to ensure that other programs using the same GUID could not update the driver I am using.


      But when I change the GUID, SuiteUSB cannot see my device any longer. I've tried using SetCustomerGUID and SetClassGUID, but they don't seem to work.


      If I delete the lines above from my INF it still works. But if I change the GUID, it stops working.




      So, my question is: Is SuiteUSB able to work with GUIDs other than the '959 shown above? The article "How does the CyUSB.dll recognize a cypress device" seems to suggest "yes", but the paragraph is poorly written and the grammar unclear exactly what they mean.





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          Yep. CyUSB.Net is capable of talking to other DriverGUID values as well.


          How are you opening the handle, are you providing your modified DriverGUID when opening the handle?


          Control center code available at C:\Cypress\Cypress SuiteUSB 3.4.5\CyUSB.Net\Examples\CyControlCenter would be a good reference to understand how the registry is parsed to collect registered DriverGUID values and then open a handle to those DriverGUIDs.





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            same problem occurred to me now, as I'm actually a hardware engineer so the answer above seems not be specific enough to me. so could you please explain more in detail how could i employ the cyusb.dll to find my device with my own GUID other than {AE18AA60-7F6A-11d4-97DD-00010229B959}? thxs a lot.