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    POR Warning on Build

      I can't find how to deal with this. Thank you for any help.

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          Not sure why you are getting a warning for something you may not have set,


          but look at global resources, and bump up the Trip Voltage in the global settings.




          Regards, Dana.

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            Look at the TRM page 292, it gives you the information concerning the POR. According to the TRM(Technical Reference Manual) there is 3 available voltage for the POR.




            I don't think you can get rid of this messsage since you can't set this parameter in the global resource pane.




            Hope it helps

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              Yes, I originally just noted and disregarded this, ( and it was in configuration step, not build, sri) It was  a "Level 1 warning". Just thought that power on reset might be important, but not in 'main.file'.


              Will check suggestions, and thanks.

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                According to the DC POR and LVD Specifications from a 28xxx datasheet,







                I cant seem to find any options to change POR from the GUI, so I guess this warning is to let you know about the current POR setting. The 2.9 V corresponds to the default value for the POR bits in VLT_CR register, which is 00b




                If you want to set any other POR level, you have to modify the VLT_CR value in your code.