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    Using CyConsole with custom driver and custom GUID

      On the CyConsole.pdf user's guide  at the very bottom there is a chapter explaining how to use CyConsole to connect to a driver with a different GUID. More precisely there is written:




      CyConsole was designed with provision for connecting to other CyUSB.sys drivers that have different GUIDs. On the Misc. tab sheet you will notice a drop-down list labelled Access devices attached to this driver . The drop-down list is populated with the file names of all copies of CyUSB.sys that are installed in the system. (It gathers the list from the Windows registry.)


      According to this my first question is: if I want my custom driver (with my custom VID and GUID) is it ok to copy the cyusb.sys and the cyusb.inf, change their name to mydevice.sys and mydevice.inf and modify the INF file with my VID and GUID?


      Secondly, I tried this approach, then I signed my driver and I installed it (now it is located under System32\drivers\mydevice.sys) but still I do not see any other driver in the drop-down list in the Misc. tab. What am I missing? (I'm using Windows 7 64bit).

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