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    Device including FX2LP fails to recover from hibernate mode.



      I have the following issue with an USB device working with a Cypress FX2LP: depending on the USB port and the OS (happens mostly on Windows XP SP3), the device fails to recover from the hibernate mode. When the PC exits from the hibernate mode, the device is still recognized by the device manager but the soft I developed (in C++)  to manage the device won't reconnect to it.


      In the software the communication with the USB driver is managed by Windows (through the method DeviceIOControl). At the exit of hibernate mode, the DeviceIOControl function doen't seem to get any answer from the FX2 (no byte received when sending a command). I tried as well to ask for a reset directly to the cypress driver via the CyUSBDriver class (CyAPI.h), but it didn't work either.


      Do you have any knowledge of methods or functionalities of the FX2 that would manage a proper recovering from hibernate mode? Perhaps would it be better not to use the Windows access to the usb driver?


       I hope I was clear enough. Don't hesitate to ask for further information or explanation.


      Thank you for your answer,