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    SAR10 Autotrigger



      I am currently developing a spectrometer for gamma radiation using the CY8C28433 for this project. I want to start the SAR10 ADC upon an external event (pulse detected by comparator).  The SAR10 datasheet mentiones that the ADC may be started in autotrigger mode by  a comparator output, i can´t find however a hardware trigger input on the SAR10. How do I trigger the SAR10 by hardware instead of software and how is the source connected ?


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          You might have found answer to the problem already. Still I am posting the answer here-


          You have to write into SADC_TSCR0 register to select particular comparator or global input (even) line for trigger signal. For details of this register, see technical reference manual of the device family.


          BTW, thanks for pointing about this.




          Rajiv Badiger