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    Reset happens just wake up from hibernate

              Hi, on my project, PSoc wakes up when any interrupt occurs on UART1 and normally it works fine. But sometimes the reset happens during wake up and the system runs as initial. Here is the snippet of my codes. I2C_Sleep(); Timer_1_Sleep(); UART_Upper_Sleep(); UART_Lower_Sleep(); ADC_DelSig_1_Sleep(); VDAC8_1_Sleep(); CyPmSaveClocks(); CyPmHibernate(); CyPmRestoreClocks(); Timer_1_Wakeup(); I2C_Wakeup(); UART_Upper_Wakeup(); UART_Lower_Wakeup(); ADC_DelSig_1_Wakeup(); VDAC8_1_Wakeup(); Any advices ?