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    new to Psoc

      hi everyone iam considering switching from FPGA to PSOC....can someone tell me the advantages of PSOC over FPGA??


      I realize that lower power consumption is one of them. what else?? 

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          Mostly the combination of analog and digital modules which are hard to find in other systems is the advantage PSoCs have.


          Moreover there are many ready-to-use UserModules performing functions as ADCs, DACs, IDACs, Filters, Registers, Timers, Counters and so on. You only have to wire the modules together on your schematic. Programming is done in GNU C.


          If that's not enough you can build your own modules using macros or verilog.


          There are versatile and cheap development boards having integrated debug capabilities to help you getting your prototypes to work.




          Register for the PSoC World conference and get a deep insight into PSoCs.




          Welcome in the fascinating world of PSoC



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            "If that's not enough you can build your own modules using macros or verilog".......................


            does this mean that the PSOC is a combination of MCU technology and FPGA technology? moreover, can I use VHDL instead of verilog? 

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              Within a PSoC are some (24) UDBs which are programmable with Verilog (only). Each UDB is a rather complex thing with an ALU, 2 FIFOs, some registers and a shifter and some instructions to make up a short(!) program within the hardware. 


              So, as you see, there IS a difference between FPGAs and PSoCs


              Design entry is mainly done with schematics, but even here you may take a schematic and use it as a complete, new component:





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                Some additional thoughts -




                1) Creator, the main tool, supports Verilog. There are 3'rd party tools that will translate


                VHDL to Verilog, that you could investigate.




                2) One of the primary assets in Creator, is the UDB blocks with accompanying SW function


                calls to program the block, that is you do not have to write drivers from scratch for the blocks.


                These are C api calls. Typically 3 - 5 of these calls to setup and run the block are all that is






                3) The analog capability currently exceeds FPGA offerings. For example there is analog routing


                editor in which, for hi precision designs, you can analyze path drops and resistances, and change


                the routing to effect better performance. The blocks include things like mixers, S/H, PGA, BG Ref,


                Comparators, TIA......




                4) PSOC is a mix of FPGA and MCU, the MCU in PSOC 3 is 8051 derivative, PSOC 5 Cortex 3.




                Regards, Dana.

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                  To register for PSOC world -








                  If you cant attend a great deal of short training and overview videos at -








                  Regards, Dana.

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                    thanks guys u have just made my day :D