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    GoHACK.me  (The FREE IoT cloud) - A Video Introduction

      Farnell & Element14 sponsored an online webinar specifically to introduce goHACK.me, the free online IoT cloud solution for developers using ACKme modules.


      Watch the event replay below:



      What is goHACK.me?

      • The FREE IoT cloud for device monitoring, control and messaging
      • The platform to connect all your ideas & projects
      • The place to connect with your “things” from anywhere
      • Dashboards. Panels. Triggers. Actions. Messages
      • Works seamlessly with all ACKme products
      • All this plus more … FREE!




      ACKme Links

      Main Website:http://www.ack.me
      API Reference Guide:http://wiconnect.ack.me
      FAQs: http://www.ack.me/FAQs
      General Documents:http://www.ack.me/resources/show
      The goHACK.me cloud:http://goHACK.me