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    Question about  fx2lp i2c.



      i willing to make i2c working in fx2lp 56pin.


      but i have somequestions.




      1) Are there any configuration setting(such as DSCR.A51) for I2C work in HW?




      2) may i just only use following functions for i2c work ? (declared in EZUSE.LIB)?


              EZUSB_InitI2C(); // Initialize I2C Bus


      EZUSB_ReadI2C(I2C_Addr, length, buf);


      EZUSB_WriteI2C(I2C_Addr, i, ee_str);

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          You don't have to do any other settings.


          You can directly use the functions


          bit I2CWrite(BYTE i2cAddr, WORD addr, BYTE write_dat) and


          bit I2CRead(BYTE i2cAddr, WORD addr, BYTE *read_dat) which are present in the i2c_hw.c file.




          If you need any technical help from Cypress related to I2C or any other block for that matter, please create a tech support case so that one of our engineer will help you in developing firmware or the application on the PC side. Also in debugging the firmware.






          sai krishna.