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    PSoC World Registration and Agenda

        Hello Guys,


      As a final post for forum related PSoC  World, I am posting hyperlinks related to PSoC World registrations and Agenda in various parts of the world. Please do go forward and register to enjoy the benefits of this virtual conference.




      PSoC World site   http://www.psocworld.com     



       PSoC World Registration page   http://vshow.on24.com/vshow/psocworld/registration/3780#     



       PSoC World video promos  http://video.cypress.com/video-library/video/PSoC     



       PSoC World Agenda:     



      North America   http://www.psocworld.com/agenda/     



      China   http://www.psocworld.com/agenda/china/     



      Japan  http://www.psocworld.com/agenda/japan/     



      Rest of Asia   http://www.psocworld.com/agenda/rest-of-asia/     



      Europe   http://www.psocworld.com/agenda/europe/     





      I am continuosly posting regarding PSoC World. Some of you are already pissed off with it. I apologise for this nuisance.