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    WsOtaUpgrade without MFC

      Could you provide WsOtaUpgrade project which not using MFC?


      OTA upgrade from Windows7 sometimes stops during transferring data.

      This issue still occurs when I tried in clean air environment like a shield room.

      And I also took a packet capture about this.

      After write response from 20732S, WsOtaUpgrade doesn't send following data(write).

      So I'd like to build WsOtaUpgrade and debug this issue.

      But I only have Express edition of Visual studio.



      Module: BCM20732S

      IDE: WICED SMART SDK 1.1.0

      Application: RAM.ota_firmware_upgrade (no modification)

      Central: Windows7 + BTW + 20702dongle

      Client application: WsOtaUpgrade.exe (in SDK)