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    PSoC World Q/A - List of I/Ps for Designer


      Hi Everyone,




      Here is a question that was asked during the PSoC World Virtual Conference that was held during December 12-13, 2012.




      Q: "Where can I find a list of I/Ps available for Designer?"


      A: I/Ps for Designer (a.k.a. User Modules) are available as configurable, pre-characterized blocks that implement a range of functions and peripherals. 


      More info on User Modules - http://www.cypress.com/?id=2522&rID=40633


      Search tool - http://www.cypress.com/?app=search&searchType=advanced&keyword=&rtID=116&id=1573&l=0






      We are hoping that these question/answers will be helpful for those who could not attend. If you have a question about PSoC 1, feel free to start a thread and pour in your doubts.