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    UART Buffer Issue


      I have configured the UART for Buffered operation with a buffer size of 128 running at 57.6Kbps.  Using UART_PutArray I have issues sending more than a few characters.


      At 5 characters, they are all sent correctly, and 6 breaks it.  It looks as if the problem is related to interrupts.  As long as the UART_PutChar routine puts the character directly into the PSOC UART send data register the character are sent.  If the UART_PutChar routine places the character into the buffer then the buffer continues to fill and none of the characters are sent.  The UART_TxBufferWrite increments correctly and the UART_TxBuffer Read stays at zero.


      The TX - On FIFO Empty interrupt is turned on and it seems like the interrupt is just not firing.


      Any Ideas?