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    PSoC 5LP single cell operation  -- is it real  --  please support it with a spec



      great to see data for the PSoC 5 LP. The press release talks about single cell battery operation, the data sheet has a gap in regards to specs needed for single cell.


      Advertising talks about very low voltage operation from 0.5V - 5.5V, sounds great. Unfortunately the data sheet talks about power numbers starting at 1.71V and up. Well, that is not a single cell any more. Ooops, there is not even any mentioning of the boost converter in the current data sheet.


      There are no power numbers that include an operating mode with the boost converter on!? - did I miss it?


      Based on this observvation I have to assume that the lowest possible operating voltage is 1.71 V, which is still very good but contradicts the press release.


      What did I miss?