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    BLE throughput, 3 x sensors

      Hello, A customer of mine wants to interface the BCM920732S to 3 sensors, each sampling at 1Khz. Looking at the  BCM920732S , with an ADC of 16bit resolution then he needs to send the following: 1000 x 16 x 3 = 48Kbit/sec Looking at BLE there is a transmission Rate on air data rate: of 1Mbps But in detail, is it correct that BLE has a 7.5ms connection interval and can send 6 packets of 20 bytes in each interval so actual throughput is: (1000/7.5)*20*6= 16Kbyte/sec or 128Kbit/sec Would anyone confirm if BLE should be OK to transfer this 48Kbit/Sec sensor data, I guess so. ? Thanks Mark