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    Can't Disable auto store in CY14B512Q2A



      I write a sequence as below, And I am using CY14B512Q2A IC with out auto store circuit.


      step 1:  send 0X19 ,       //Disabling auto store


      Step 2:  send 0X3C,      // store it in nonvolitile memory


      Step3:  write "Ganesh" into address 00 to 05,     // writing some Data in IC using write command 


      Step4: Swith OFF the module   //switch OFF power for the circuit.


      Step5: Switch ON the module  //Switch ON Power supply.


      Step6: Reading from the adress 00 to 05, and i get "Ganesh".




      if you see the above steps what i did  is writing a data("Ganesh")in SRAM as per data sheet. but after disconnect the power this data should not be there in the particular adress.  but in my case the data is there. and i can read it every time. 




      Please anybody tell me what is mistake in the Steps i follwed.